As an independent fee-only registered investment advisor, Stony Point Wealth Management has ethical and legal obligation to provide quality investment advice.

We design and implement portfolios that cater to your needs and goals. Your portfolio will be managed and monitored on a continuous basis. We understand that no two clients are alike; however by following these principles we can maximize the likelihood of a successful investment strategy.

Global Diversification

Modern Portfolio Theory is an imperfect theory that is subject to a number of limitations and constraints. Nevertheless the underlying principles of risk, return, and efficient allocation of resources still hold true. At Stony Point Wealth Management, we view this theory as a guide, not a black box. Globally diversifying across assets classes allows your portfolio to maintain the same level of expected return while reducing risk.

Cost Efficency

We pride ourselves on a cost efficient structure. Manager fees and investment expenses will drastically reduce long term total return. We predominantly favor individual equities and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Risk management

We often find that perspective clients are focused only on returns and not on their end goal. Once you reach your goal whether it be retirement, a dream home, or generational wealth it is our job to keep you there. A well-performing portfolio will not shield you from unexpected lawsuit, death, and disability. We have the experience needed to help you develop a solid plan that will face all of life’s challenges. As part of our risk management strategy we will work closely with your estate attorney, insurance agents, and tax preparers.