1. Why should I choose you as my investment advisor?

You should choose Stony Point Wealth Management as your financial advisor because we are equipped to make your financial dreams become reality. Our goal is take away the stress of financial matters so that you may experience true financial freedom. Our independent fee-only model allows us to operate free of referral commissions and corporate pressures.

2. Who we work with?

  • Corporate Executives
  • Families
  • Small Businesses
  • Trust Management

3. What is the difference between a broker and a Registered Investment Advisor?

The biggest difference is that a Registered Investment Advisor such as Stony Point Wealth Management has a fiduciary obligation to their clients. A fiduciary must legally put the interest of their clients ahead of their own. Brokers are held to a suitability standard. A piece of metal and flint is suitable to start a fire but a lighter would be best. Brokers are under no legal obligation to put your interests ahead of theirs. This is why brokers often recommend high commission products. Always ask a financial advisor if he/she has a fiduciary obligation.

4. What are your credentials and why do they matter?

In today’s world the title “Financial Advisor” is meaningless. If you have seen the recent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER commercial you would know that there is no qualification needed to call yourself a financial advisor. Our credentials demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards the industry has set and our thirst to continually learn.

CFP® - Certified Financial Planner

ChFC® - Chartered Finanical Consultant

CLU® - Chartered Life Underwriter

5. How are you paid?

Stony Point Wealth Management is a fee-only financial advisor. We do not accept commissions or referral fees of any kind. Our clients pay us for finanical planning and investment management services. This ensures our advice is truly unbaised.

6. Where will my assets be held?

All of your assets will be held at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation. Stony Point Wealth Management will never hold client assets. We believe that it's in our client's best interest to use a low cost third-party custodian.

7. Is there a minimum account size for new clients?

No, there is no minimum account size. During an initial meeting we will determine whether or not our firm is a good fit with your goals and objectives.

8. I am interested in working with you, what is the next step?

Please contact us via phone or email to schedule an initial meeting. Our first meeting is free.