The creation and enjoyment of wealth requires strategy and attention beyond investment management. We work closely with our clients to understand their values and goals so they understand not just the “how” to managing money, but the “why.” Our approach is designed to evaluate your current financial position, identify potential risks, implement recommendations, and continually monitor your financial well-being.


Net worth and cash flow planning seem elementary yet can make dramatic improvements in the creation of wealth. Monitoring trends and planning cash flow help us to organize and streamline our clients’ financial lives.


We work with you to develop strategies aimed at minimizing our clients’ current and future tax liability. Tax legislation is constantly changing therefore your tax planning strategies need to be dynamic and flexible. Based on the situation, we may recommend and implement:

  • Short and long term tax bracket management strategies
  • Setting up trusts or tax-advantaged vehicles
  • Roth IRA conversions
  • Income and capital gains timing
  • Charitable giving strategies


We hope that our clients will enjoy their savings for as long as they like. Retirement planning relies on a thoughtful review of assumptions (gathered both from our clients and from industry research) and complex analysis. We help our clients to prepare for their life dreams and then apply their wealth to them.


There are only two things you leave behind: your money and your memories. Creating a solid estate plan ensures both live on in the way you intended. Stony Point Wealth Management believes that it can take generations to form wealth. Estate planning goes far beyond creating a will or trust. We will work with you to develop strategies aimed at maximizing the value of your estate and leaving the legacy you envisioned.


Employing all possible legal and protection strategies to preserve your wealth and the legacy you choose for it.